How to Demonstrate a Growth Mindset at Work

Many companies actively seek candidates with a growth mindset approach to work. They understand the advantages and competitive edge that a growth mindset workplace can provide. Consequently, during interviews, you’re likely to be asked to give examples that demonstrate a growth mindset at work. Once, you’ve got your dream job, how can you continue to impress with a growth mindset? Reach the next level of your career journey with these 3 powerful ways to demonstrate a growth mindset at work.

Demonstrate a Growth Mindset at Work By Learning From Others

Workplace newbies can be reluctant to admit they need help. Above all, you want to make a good impression, what will the new team think if you reveal you’re not the go-to guru from the off? It’s time to ditch this approach and shine with your growth mindset openness to learning. Growth mindset workplaces encourage the sharing of knowledge and expertise. For example, Microsoft leaders engage in the company’s ‘Model Coach Care’ approach. Leaders embody a growth mindset by focusing on three areas: active role modelling; coaching those they lead to be active role models to others and showing they care about employees personal development and growth.

Sharing and seeking out knowledge from others is key to a thriving growth mindset culture. When you need a steer in the right direction, ask others in the team for their opinion and advice. Likewise, if you notice that others could benefit from your knowledge and experience, be generous in the way you share your expertise.

Demonstrate a Growth Mindset at Work By Learning From Mistakes

It seems like a contradiction to talk about failing well. However, one of the best ways to demonstrate a growth mindset at work is to establish yourself as a continuous learner. When you make mistakes, reflect on the details of what went wrong. Analyse all of the information available and use it to plan what you’ll do differently next time.

Let go of perfectionism, it will slow your progress and create unnecessary stress that can stunt your creative flow and grind you down. Regard failure as a useful part of the mastery process. Every time you fail you have useful data that will help you to tweak and improve your performance.

Demonstrate a Growth Mindset at Work By Monitoring Your Fixed Mindset Challenges

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking you’ve got growth mindset licked. Spotting your own fixed mindset can be a challenge. Fixed mindset triggers are often linked to deeply embedded beliefs. For example, if you’ve told yourself for years that math related tasks are your weakness, will you spot this trigger when it occurs at work? Maybe your’e invited to speak at a conference in a country you’ve always wanted to visit? Will you understand that your compulsion to say no is down to a fear of public speaking rather than an innate inability to be a great presenter? Be ready to question yourself and monitor your responses. Getting into the habit of checking your mindset response will help you to recognise your triggers. Over time, this process will help you to easily spot your fixed mindset triggers and meet challenges as they arise.

Where Next on Your Growth Mindset Journey?

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