• Why You Need a Strategic Mindset
    If you strategically plan and review, it’s likely you’re already reaping the successes of a strategic mindset. If you’re not one to spend time refining strategy, the good news is you can improve your performance by learning to cultivate a strategic mindset and here’s how.
  • 5 Secrets to Microsoft’s Growth Mindset Success
    Microsoft excel at cultivating a growth mindset culture. Here we take a look at five secrets of Microsoft’s growth mindset success.
  • Growth Mindset Business Hacks
    “A chicken restaurant without any chicken. It’s not ideal.” Many expected heads to roll at KFC. But what unfolded next was the exact opposite of a typical blame culture. KFC took a seriously growth mindset approach to the problem and deployed the following growth mindset strategies:
  • When a Great Business Falls Into The Fixed Mindset Trap
    The first response from those at the very top of VW laid bare a culture of fixed mindset thinking around the criminal activity. Here we’ll focus on three classic behaviours that highlight VW’s fall into the fixed mindset trap.
  • Boeing 737 Max – a Fixed Mindset Approach?
    How a Fixed Mindset Contributed to Events Between October 2018 and March 2019, 346 people died in two Boeing airplane accidents. Scrutiny followed. The plane at the centre of each crash was Boeing’s fastest-selling airplane, the 737 Max. How did Boeing’s mindset around production of the 737 Max contribute to events leading to these accidents? … Read more