Developing a Growth Mindset Team for Success

About the Course

If you’re looking for a training session that will equip your team with the tools for growth mindset strategies, habits and performance then this is the course for you.

In this session we take a deep dive into growth mindset examples, theory and practice, providing your team with practical opportunities to apply the techniques they learn throughout the day.

Course delegates will apply each section of this growth mindset session to their current workplace challenges. The day is structured to support participants to work on their own, personal growth mindset implementation plan throughout the day, ensuring that everyone finishes the session with an action plan ready to take away to develop your growth mindset team.

How long is this session?

We’re able to provide this course as a full or half day session. We recommend a full day, which enables delegates to work together, applying growth mindset techniques and strategies to the team’s professional challenges and goals.

Your growth mindset at work facilitator

Viv Dutton is a leading growth mindset at work consultant and works internationally with Fortune 100 companies, start-ups, non-profits and public sector organisations.

Where is the course?

We can deliver this session to your team online or at your venue of choice. This course can also be provided as an e-learning session, for participants to work through at their own pace.

How to book your Course

If you’d like to learn more about the specific course aims, objectives and outcomes or discover how this session can be tailored to your team’s current needs and goals, we’re here to discuss your session. You can contact the Growth Mindset at Work team here.

Want to discover more about growth mindset teams and organisations?

Take a look at our blog for some great examples of growth mindset companies and organisations.

Looking for free growth mindset resources?

We’re passionate about sharing our enthusiasm for growth mindset. No budget to book a course? No worries. Take a look at our free resources section and look us up again when you’re ready to book a course.