Growth Mindset To Inspire Innovation and Creativity

About Our Growth Mindset To Inspire Innovation and Creativity Course

Do you need your business and people to trailblaze when it comes to groundbreaking new approaches and ideas? Our Growth Mindset to Inspire Innovation and Creativity Course has you covered.

Who Will Benefit From this Growth Mindset Course?

Whether you’re a startup founder or trailblazing team member you’ll gain practical skills during this session. As a result, your startup will learn how to develop a rock solid confidence and increase performance. The course will give you the tools to reach your goals and develop further, stronger and faster.

What Does The Growth Mindset To Inspire Innovation and Creativity Course Include?

  • The crucial role of growth mindset in a creative and innovative approach
  • How a fixed mindset can stifle creativity
  • Powerful techniques for growth mindset creative thinking
  • The role mindset plays in divergent & convergent thinking
  • The 4 stages of the creative brain
  • Letting go of cognitive control
  • Putting it all together

How long is this growth mindset course?

The course can be adapted, for example we can deliver:

  • One full day. 
  • A half day session. 
  • Why we recommend the full day. A complete day course enables more time for teams to work together on developing a growth mindset culture in the workplace. They’re able to spend more time learning about and applying our toolkit of techniques and strategies. As a result, more focus is placed on applying a growth mindset approach to the team’s professional challenges and goals. 

Where is the Growth Mindset To Inspire Innovation and Creativity Course?

We’re can deliver this session: 

  • Virtually 
  • At your venue of choice 
  • As an e-learning session, enabling your team to work at a time and pace that suits their schedule.

Book your Growth Mindset Course

Want to know more about: 

  • Course aims, objectives and outcomes 
  • How this session can be tailored to your team’s current needs and goals 
  • How the course can help you navigate a change programme within your organisation

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No Budget ?

At Growth Mindset at Work we walk our talk. We’re value-led and passionate about sharing our knowledge and enthusiasm for growth mindset.

We understand that a course is a big investment. We know that our growth mindset at work courses create powerful, resilient teams and we want to shout about it. But we also understand that not everyone’s in a position to take advantage of the course. We’ve got you covered.

The most important thing for us, is to share the growth mindset approach. We want every individual, team, organisation and company (big or small) to have access to our fantastic growth mindset tools and techniques. 

Enjoy our fantastic free resources and hopefully we’ll see you on a future Growth Mindset at Work course:

  • Growth Mindset at Work  free resources section
  • Take a look at our blog for some great tips and examples of growth mindset companies and organisations.
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