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Growth Mindset at Work Has One Mission:

To Inspire You to Unlock Your Growth Mindset Potential.

Growth Mindset at Work Courses

Our growth mindset courses build innovative, engaged and resilient workplaces. Consequently, the thousands of people who’ve attended our courses describe the experience as transformative, inspiring yet practical and a catalyst for increased performance, engagement and development. Our clients love our courses. Here’s why:

We’re passionate about sharing our knowledge and enthusiasm for growth mindset. As a result, our courses are designed to inspire and develop growth mindset workplaces that excel and flourish.

If you’re:

  • completely new to running a business and looking for growth mindset strategies
  • a non-profit that wants to thrive with a growth mindset approach
  • a start-up that understands the need to fail and learn fast to succeed
  • an established company, large or small, developing your people with a growth mindset culture that innovates and delivers excellence

Our growth mindset courses will propel you to the next level and beyond.

Our track record

We’ve shared our growth mindset expertise globally with clients big and small. For example, we’ve delivered programs internationally for Spotify, the Financial Times, New College of the Humanities, the Victoria & Albert Museum, the Natural History Museum, the UK’s NHS, the School for Social Entrepreneurs and the Institute for Global Change, to name a few. We’ve also enjoyed supporting disadvantaged young people to transform their lives with our world class, pro-bono, growth mindset coaching program.

The Growth Mindset at Work team is led by Viv Dutton. Viv is passionate about all things growth mindset and has more than 15 years experience of sharing growth mindset strategies for success.

Want a Growth Mindset Transformation in Your Workplace?

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Growth Mindset at Work is Values Led

We walk our talk at Growth Mindset at Work. For example, we understand that not everyone’s in a position to take advantage of our courses. Maybe you’re a start-up on a shoestring? A team leader with a hole in your training budget? Or a lone pioneer who recognises you’ll be unstoppable with some growth mindset know-how? We’ve got you covered! 

Alongside our substantive growth mindset at work courses, we also share a number of free resources. We hope you enjoy them:

  • Check out our free resources section
  • Take a look at our blog for some great strategies, videos & growth mindset at work tips.
  • We also share blogs with useful analysis of many great growth mindset companies and organisations that we can all learn from.
  • We’re always adding to our free content. Drop by regularly to discover new additions of quizzes and self-assessments.