Identifying Mindset


There are three tasks to choose from. You have five minutes to complete your selected task. After the task we’ll look at some questions about how you undertook your chosen challenge.

Task 1: The Scissor Challenge

  • You will need one pair of scissors and several pieces of A4 paper, any paper that you already plan on recycling is ideal.
  • Your challenge is to cut a hole in one piece of paper, that is large enough to step your entire body through. However you choose to design the hole that you’ll step through, the paper must be in one, unbroken piece. No strips tied or taped together, no one long strip that is linked together at the ends.
The Scissor Task

Task 2: The Number Challenge

Complete the number sequence to find the last number.





The Number Challenge

Task 3: The Literature Challenge

  • In which city and country did Shakespeare’s Hamlet live?
  • Which Pulitzer Prize winning American author wrote Beloved?
  • Which Columbian, Nobel Prize winning author wrote One Hundred Years of Solitude?

Reflective questions:

  1. Why did you select your chosen task? Did you pick the task because it played to your strengths or because it challenged you?
  2. What did you tell yourself during the task?
  3. Did your beliefs about effort regarding the task influence your actions?
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What pushes or pulls you across the spectrum?