How Growth Mindset Leaders Excel – Reframing Failure

How Growth Mindset Leaders Excel

Have you ever wondered how growth mindset leaders excel? In this series of four blogs we focus on an essential set of key behaviours that mark growth mindset leaders out from the crowd. In this first blog, we’ll take a closer look at how growth mindset leaders excel by reframing failure.

How Growth Mindset Leaders Excel by Reframing failure

You want your team to develop, smash their goals and excel but what happens when they fail? What do you do, for example, when mistakes are made or goals missed? We’ve probably all heard or experienced leadership horror stories, even the greats like Steve Jobs. When Jobs hired John Sculley as CEO of Apple, the last thing he expected was to be fired by Sculley less than two years later. Growth mindset leaders understand that teams can extract key data points from errors, utilising these to develop and as a consequence, reframing failure. Problem solving is key when mistakes are made . Truly great leaders appreciate that success is achieved by analysing failures then taking an adaptive approach to reach peak performance.

Key Habits for Reframing Failure

Are you a growth mindset leader when it comes to reframing failure?

  • Do your people understand the need for transparency and open dialogue when it comes to failure?
  • Do you guide your team to anticipate challenge and setback as part of their path to success?
  • Does your team readily discuss with you and each other how they navigate challenge?
  • Have you shared your own examples of learning from failure?
  • Do you encourage your team to take on new challenges and stretch themselves?
  • When you encourage your team to anticipate setbacks, do you will you overcome them?

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