How to Manage a Fixed Mindset at Work

how to manage a fixed mindset at work

You’re confident that you have a great team. Above all, you want to help every team member develop their knowledge, skills and abilities to the max. However, when it comes to certain challenges, you’ve noticed some of the team faltering towards a fixed mindset. How to manage a fixed mindset at work, is a question most leaders ponder at some stage of their leadership journey. We share 5 hacks to inspire your team to use their growth mindset A game for success.

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What is a Fixed Mindset Manager?

3 ways to spot a fixed mindset manager

Does your manager only focuses on the negatives? Are they quick to dismiss new ideas for improving performance? How do they handle failure? Maybe you’re a manager who’s noticed your team loses enthusiasm and motivation when you’re around. Want to know what makes a fixed mindset manager? We share 3 signs that you’re dealing with a fixed mindset approach.

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